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The Healthcare Industry is a Prime Target for Cyber-attacks

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The healthcare industry has become a major target of cyber-attacks. While most healthcare institutions are committed to privacy regardless of what it takes, some are still far behind in adopting cybersecurity and progressing with the times. The healthcare industry holds a lot of important data about patients including their medical records, medical history, and insurance records. Cybersecurity experts warn that the sector is becoming the biggest target for malicious actors and that the risk of medical devices connected to the Internet in hospitals is increasing.

Protecting People and Businesses from Social Engineering

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When we talk about cyber-attacks, discussion are shifting from just keeping devices up to date with anti-virus software to protecting people and devices from numerous, more serious attack vectors. An important aspect of the numerous attack vectors involves protecting the human element. Even if our security plan seems to have an impenetrable system, there is a chance of error in the way the user handles it. Because people play a large role in day to day business operations, hackers can use social engineering to their advantage to penetrate devices and compromise information. 

Stay Protected with Cybersecurity for your Business, Home, and Personal Life.

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In today’s world, cybersecurity is becoming more commonly known about but not fully understood. We understand that we need to protect our data but find ourselves lost along the way of doing so. Just as we protect our personal belongings with locks and alarms, we must apply the same principles to our data and technology. Cyber-attacks can appear in multiple avenues and we must make sure we are able to detect them and protect against each of them.

Cyber-Attacks Can Pose Major Threats Similar to Nuclear Weapons

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It goes without saying that nuclear weapons could have catastrophic consequences. A less frequent thought is that cyber-attacks by hackers could cause more harm than nuclear weapons. There are numerous ways cyber-attacks can cause major damage and we need to be aware of the possibilities and have the greatest protection in place to control the potential outcomes. To the public’s eye, most of the well-known hacks have only stolen data.


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